Thursday, 27 June 2013

New Brushes

Artists love getting new supplies: a new sketchbook, exciting new colours, but my favourite is a brand new brush. There is so much promise in the clean perfect bristles. Should you glance at my studio shelves you would be forgiven for thinking - "she does NOT need another brush." Yet, so often,after using a brush for a while, the honeymoon is over and the brush starts to behave badly.

I am pleased to tell you that I think I have found a make of brush that is near perfect. (Free would be perfect) Rosemary Brush Company in the UK makes the most wonderful brushes. We (my students and I) placed an order which arrived a week ago. They have been sitting in my studio saying " paint with me - paint with me now!!

At last yesterday I had a chance to try them out. I am really impressed with the way they respond. We bought a few Kolinsky Sable brushes for watercolour as well as some of the Ivory series and the Chungking bristle. The Sable are a dream to use, with a wonderful point and generous belly.

I indulged in a treat for myself - the Pocket Reversible travel sable brush solves the problems associated with transporting good brushes without damaging them. A removable shiny cover that protects the brush fits on the back of the ferrule to provide a good handle.

Ink and watercolour drawing - Alpha series sketchbook with Rosemary & Co Pocket sable
The Ivory brushes have a crisp spring to them - quite different to conventional hog hair. A lot of thought has gone into the design of the handles, the balance is good and they are comfortable to hold. The Ivory brushes in particular clean up easily.

Sparkling new brushes !!
Ok back to the Studio to paint - bliss!