Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Regular (and sometimes) irregular blogging

Visual artists do not always find that words come easily, and it’s often hard for us to get into a regular schedule of writing blog posts. Writing time is more often taken up with drawing, painting and sometimes just planning the next painting in a series. Preparing work for exhibitions, as well as planning teaching topics also takes precedence.

There are countless resources online to help a blogger stay on track including: having a blog writing day where multiple posts are planned and written in one sitting; and there are many wonderful brainstorming ideas for topics. The snag is just sitting down and getting on with the writing. I know I'm not alone as I read frequently of fellow bloggers taking time out.

My plan to blog once a week often falls woefully short of that goal, and recently this has happened more and more.

My excuse - I've had a very busy studio time. It’s likely to remain that way for a while. A new project is a large painting for a local business. I'm on a virtual journey to Paris.These photos give a glimpse of the scale of the work.

Suffice to say I’ll be busy - very busy…