Friday 14 June 2013

Lethbridge 10,000 Exhibition

At the beginning of May I sent off an entry for the Lethbridge10,000 Exhibition. It was with great delight that I recently received the exciting news that I am one of the finalists selected to show in the Gallery when the exhibition opens on Saturday.

Windarra Reflections - 24” x 20” - oil on canvas © 2013 Carol Lee Beckx

Sometimes inspiration occurs and it can be a while before the painting is created. It’s almost as though the idea and image need time to incubate, waiting for the right moment to be given life.

So it was with the images which inspired the the selected painting, Windarra Reflections.
I took the photograph of the creek on Windarra Estate some time ago. It's been there, waiting to become a painting. Excited by the light on the water and the patterns of the reflected reeds, I wanted the painting to convey the light, colour and a little mystery.

From the Lethbridge Gallery website:

“The Lethbridge Gallery has established a strong reputation for exhibiting works    demonstrating exceptional detail and creativity. With the intention of fostering the next generation of artists, the Gallery initiated the Lethbridge 10 000.
In its fourth year, this exciting art competition is open to national and international artists for small-scale artworks. Entrants may submit paintings, drawings, photographs and all 2D artworks up to 60cm (24 inches) in any direction.”

The Exhibition opens on Saturday 15th June and runs until 30th June.

Lethbridge Gallery
136 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington.
07 3369 4790 M 0407 005 800
Open Thurs, Fri, Sat 10am - 5pm Sun 10am - 4pm or by appointment.


  1. Good luck Carol...perhaps I'll see you there on Sat night.

    1. Would be great to meet - I just love the way blogging makes friends!

  2. oh I just read on your comment on Rhondas blog that you are also from South Africa, as am I! wow you are so talented - this is what I love about blogging! I gather you live in Brisbane - I live near Port Douglas.

    1. Thanks for visiting africanaussie - good to meet you here.