Monday 24 September 2012

Artist's Studios

Artist's studios have long held a fascination for both artists and non-artists alike. On Saturday a friend and I took a drive up to the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Fiona Dempster’s blog Paper Ponderings mentioned the Open Studios so we decided to take a drive to explore these. It was a delight to enjoy her books and delicate calligraphy in real life. 

Fiona's pebbles

A more than a few mysteries were explained. Here is the website with all the details of the studios and how to find them.

Travelling through the picturesque area around Maleny and Montville, we visited a number of studios some tucked away down rough farm roads, many with spectacular views of the Glass House Mountains. The day was very hazy so the mountains were soft and gentle.

The studios we visited were all spacious and well equipped - I suffered severe studio envy!

After a delicious lunch at The Poet’s CafĂ©, we called in to The Main Street Gallery, Montville.  Christopher Pope is exhibiting his breathtakingly detailed acrylic paintings of Australian birds and wildlife.

At a view site I looked down and saw this little gem.

If you are in the Brisbane area do take a drive next weekend to explore the studios.. As there are about 20 studios, I would suggest you decide which to visit and plan a route ahead of time. 

It’s a lovely day out - the scenery is spectacular. As well as the studios, there are lots of wonderful galleries, shops and  many restaurants serving delicious food.

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