Tuesday 31 July 2012

Brisbane's amazing sunsets

The evening skies here in Brisbane constantly amaze me. 

This frequently causes a dilemma - how to capture the moment when I am most often in my car. It necessitates swift photographs while stationary at traffic lights. Thank goodness the lights take ages to change - it’s all very democratic, everyone gets a turn so there’s plenty of time to take some photos.

Sometimes I'm lucky and I am home. These were taken from my balcony.

These are a few of the amazing skies during the last few weeks. 


  1. They are beautiful aren't they? Dean and I enjoyed dinner last night on the balcony when one of those glorious sunsets took the sky for a wonderful ten minutes.

    1. The sunsets make the chilly mornings worthwhile.

  2. thank you for sharing such a beautiful blog.......