Monday 2 July 2012

Kid's Art, Facebook Banners & Bloggers

The process of making art is often slow. Sometimes the routine of daily life throws you off your stride. My painting schedule has been somewhat interrupted lately. So often one finds that other things take precedence, and days can pass without lifting a brush. 

A positive interruption to my studio routine has been the holiday art workshops for children. These have been going well, and there are another couple scheduled this week. It has been so satisfying watching the young student’s intense concentration as they go about their artwork. In addition to regular holiday workshops a weekly children’s group will commence in the new term. 

I have also been working on the banner for a Facebook Page. The  Flockton Business Network is a group of local business people who meet for an early breakfast once a month to exchange ideas. Our venue is Mocha Bella a coffee shop in North West Plaza, Everton Park. 

A sketch of the coffee shop would be used to create the Banner for the group’s Facebook Page. I had the pleasant task of popping down for a few delicious cups of coffee to do the sketches.

Last week I had the enjoyable experience of meeting some real live bloggers. We had a most informative introduction to WordPress with time for a Q & A session. It was hosted by Andy Henderson from In-a-day training. This week the Brisbane Bloggers meet at Riverbend Books & Teahouse to share blogging tips.

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