Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Blog love - receiving a heart

Today I received a belated Valentine from a fellow blogger. I commented on a post Giving away my heart  on Jeanette Jobson’s blog  Illustrated Life and was chosen to receive a heart. 

Jeanette Jobson - Watercolour on Photographic paper

I loved the way she turned a mistake, printing on the wrong side of photographic paper, to her advantage by experimenting on the shiny side of the failure to create a beautiful image.

How often do we scrunch up a piece of paper in disgust and toss it in the trash without giving a thought as to how we could turn the failure around?

The next time you are faced with failure – stop and think – what can I do to turn this around?

To see Jeanette’s Facebook page click here. You will find more about Jeanette and her work on her website.