Tuesday 7 February 2012

A Portrait in Pastels

Portraits are an interesting challenge. For children’s portraits, I work from photographs as it’s easier to have a static subject. I admire artists who paint children from life. In fact, even those who photograph children have my admiration. This new portrait was completed recently and I needed to return a second time to take more photos. It’s a skill requiring much patience. The window of opportunity for a good shot is fleeting.

Portrait - pastel on paper 380mm x 300mm
©2012 Carol Lee Beckx 

The portrait is in pastel and I loved working with the medium again after a break. I realised once I started that I need to add far more colours to my palette. When one works mostly in oils there is no need to have hundreds of tubes. One can mix endless colours from a few basic colours.

I enjoyed the process and it was good to change and do a portrait in colour after using only  graphite and charcoal. 


  1. Wow Carol,fantastic work! Just beautiful, your client must be very pleased.

  2. Yes they are pleased so I'm happy too!