Saturday 5 June 2021

Exhibition at Cafe Lagarto Samford

This week an exciting opportunity presented itself - an exhibition at Cafe Lagarto, Samford. The following day, I met with the lovely Cafe owner to view the space. The Cafe is part of the Lifestyle Centre on the Mount Glorious Road just outside Samford. A cottage across the pathway from the main area of the Cafe has become additional space for the cage patrons allowing good social distancing and as a wonderful bonus, a charming gallery space. 

A welcome bonus is that the 2021 Samford Arts Trail, with perfect timing, opens this weekend and runs for the month of June.

My paintings are hanging one of the three rooms, alongside two other artists, a painter and a photographer. 
I’ve kept to a floral theme, in keeping with the cottage atmosphere of the building. All paintings are for sale. 
During the course of the exhibition, I'll be adding more photos and videos to my Instagram page. In the meantime, here are a few of the paintings:

King Protea  - oil on canvas 700 mm x 700 mm

King Protea - above the fireplace 

Cilla’s Flowers - oil on canvas 460 mm x 610 mm

Proteas with a jug - oil and cold wax on panel 405 mm x 405 mm

Dragon Vase with Magnolias - oil on canvas 610 mm x 610 mm

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