Sunday 20 June 2021

Lethbridge 20,000 2013 to 2021

On Saturday evening the Lethbridge Gallery celebrated twelve years of hosting the Lethbridge 20,000. I love hearing Breet Lethbridge tell the charming story of how in Europe 20 years ago, he got his big break, and starting his artistic journey. For twelve years he has given back to artists, opening his gallery and holding the annual Lethbridge exhibition, originally The Lethbridge 10,000 , the big prize was increased to 20,000 a couple of years ago. 
The opening event was special since last year the event was confined to a video opening. Since the Lethbridge Gallery has expanded to include the adjoining premises, the Exhibition HD room to breathe making viewing the paintings such an enjoyable experience. 

My congratulations to all the most deserving winners - wonderful inspiring work. All the paintings can be viewed here.

I first entered the Exhibition in 2013 and have been extremely fortunate to have been selected as a gallery finalist six times, and as an online finalist three times. 

This year The Wind Scatters the Golden Leaves is a gallery finalist.

 The Wind Scatters the Golden Leaves - oil on canvas 610 mm x 610 mm
All the paintings can be viewed here

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