Tuesday 11 August 2020

Art @ Farmhouse

Update 4th November 2020 

The good news for Farm House is that the cafe is now open for dinner on Thursday and Friday evenings. This means that, unfortunately, the art classes can no longer be held at this venue. 

I’m loving teaching people face to face during Thursday’s Art @ Farmhouse. After months of screens only it makes a pleasant change. Last week we drew and painted magnolias (not real unfortunately) but beautiful all the same. 

This week we are “ Painting Pop Food” - milkshakes, smoothies and burgers. 

Last year I worked on a commission for Milk Cafe Ashgrove. The refurbishment  of the cafe included a new wall mural of a sketch I had done in the cafe previously and new watercolours for vinyl window coverings. It was such an enjoyable project.

The Interior of Milk Cafe Ashgrove

A view from Ashgrove Avenue

A delicious Burger and chips

Coming up Thursday 20th August Harvest Table 

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