Saturday 28 May 2016

A day out sketching

On Wednesday I did something I haven't done for ages. I went out sketching with a friend. We started our morning with coffee and a sketch of an interesting tree and house nearby.

I remembered seeing an impressive church in the area so that was our next stop. A large tree provided shade to add to our comfort. Corpus Christi Catholic Church Nundah was opened in 1926, replacing an older wooden church in the area. It was built in the Romanesque Revival style with polychrome brickwork. The massive copper-sheeted dome topped by an octagonal lantern. 

Since I was rather out of practice, I decided to start with the lantern before moving on to tackle the dome, then finally the front facade. It was the ideal opportunity to use my Perfect Sketchbook.

Corpus Christi Catholic Church, Nundah - The Octagonal lantern ink and watercolour in The Perfect Sketchbook. 

Copper-sheeted Dome - ink and watercolour Zeta sketchbook 

Front Facade - Corpus Christi Nundah ink and watercolour in The Perfect Sketchbook. 

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