Tuesday 8 March 2016

A watercolour portrait of Thithi - documenting the process

I started this portrait for Sktchy last weekend while staying with my grandchildren. Jess offered to video the process. We decided to try using Hyperlapse. Now this short video was done with no tripod so there's a limit to how long arms want to hold the phone! And I need to experiment a little more and perhaps turn the phone for a better format. 

Anyway, it's fun to see a quick start to a watercolour portrait. 
This portrait was part of last week's #WAXwhatyougot. It was painted in an A4 Zeta sketchbook; I did a light graphite drawing first then watercolour washes were added.

It was a chance to show the tools used. This is my initial set up with the iPad for reference; Zeta sketchbook and a simple Bic retractable 2B pencil. 

WIP after the video stopped

Completed portrait with all my tools: Left to right - iPad, Zeta sketchbook; Schmincke watercolour travel box; Neef mop brush; W&N series #7 sable; cellulose sponge; kneadable eraser, water jar.

Thithi Exfi - reference from Sktchy

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