Thursday 16 April 2015

Overcoming Handicaps as an artist

Making a Mark is one of my favourite art blogs.It's packed full of resources for artists.  A recent post introduced me to Sargy Mann, an artist who lived and worked in the UK. He died recently on the 5th April 2015. 

The remarkable and inspiring thing about Sargy Mann is that he continued to paint wonderful paintings after his poor eyesight had developed into total blindness. 

There are a number of videos about Sargy Mann and his paintings. These are really worth watching. I particularly enjoyed the video produced by his son, Peter filmed shortly before his blindness was total. It gives insight into some of the practical devices he used to execute the paintings. The above link is a preview. A link to the full film is on Peter Mann's website.

If ever you are feeling sorry for yourself or struggling with inspiration his attitude to his blindness is a reminder that others have it harder than you. He found ways to cope with his problems and create wonderful paintings. 

There are many afflictions that will hinder a visual artist - and the loss of one's eyesight is perhaps one of the hardest. When I lived in South Africa, I enjoyed a weekly painting session in Pascale Chandler's studio. One of the artists was my friend Molly Stiebel. As the years went by, her eyesight deteriorated but she persevered and continued to paint. Her paintings were loose and soft focus but so imbued with feeling and colour. I am the proud owner of two of her paintings.   

Raspberry Cream - oil on canvas - Mollie Stiebel 

Pears - oil on canvas - Mollie Stiebel


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