Sunday 26 April 2015

Fun with Sktchy

Experimentation is a key to the creative process. This is exactly what I’ve been doing this week. An app for creating portraits called Sktchy provided the inspiration.

As the blurb on the app preview says:
When you share a photo on Sktchy, it’s not for likes it’s to inspire. So here are some of my first attempts and it’s been great fun.

Gazing into your soul watercolour and graphite © Carol Lee Beckx

When you view the art on the app, a swipe to the right reveals the source photograph so you can see the reference. I've combined both reference and artwork using another app called Diptic (sad, I know, but I do love to play with technology)   

Melanie - Ink © Carol Lee Beckx

Ice Cream - watercolour and graphite © Carol Lee Beckx

And it’s a lot of fun to collect “Wows” for your work – and don’t we all love a pat on the back? So why don't you join me?

Disclaimer: Since I love mostly free apps, I don't receive any commission...

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