Monday 13 December 2021

Oh Boy Bok Choy

Some of my favourite commissions have been for restaurants - Milk Cafe was one. This commission grew from an urban sketch I had done in the cafe years previously. More about these paintings can be found here. and here.

In August 2020 I had been invited by the lovely owner of Farmhouse Kedron (previously the owner of Milk) to conduct a drawing and sketching class at the restaurant. This was a great way to interact with students in person after using Zoom for months. 

A new venture for the owners of Farmhouse was their new baby - Oh Boy Bok Choy located not from from the Kedron restaurant. 

I was asked to paint Bok Choy to be used in a backlit box above the bar. Bok Choy is a wonderful vegetable to paint and to eat as well. 

Incidentally, if you haven’t ventured to the restaurant yet, do yourself a favour and go - now - the food is fantastic!

And just to whet your appetite a few of the delicious dishes…

Top LH: Wok tossed pad see ew, Bok Choy, Gai lan, tofu vegan oyster sauce,dark soy (VG)

Top RH: Wombok veggie dumplings

              Whisky Tamarind Pork Belly

              Oh Boy fried rice

              Crispy Silken Tofu, Red Dragon sauce(vegan)

Bottom LH: MYO Bao buns with pickled salad & crispy pork

Bottom RH: Oh Boy Prawn toast, yuzu mayo 

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