Tuesday 24 March 2020

Taking stock March 2020

It was a confronting realisation this morning to see that I have been MIA from my blog since the first week in January. I did have a couple of draft blog posts waiting but those were never completed. Now March is almost over, and the world is a very different place. When I advertised my classes I didn’t imagine that these would now continue in a whole new format. 


Zoom has become my Studio with students getting together to share their work and continue learning. More than this though, it’s a place to stay connected with friends and maintain the strong community that has developed over the years. We can share a virtual cup of coffee and have a laugh. 

Artists, writers, in fact all creative people, are uniquely suited to this new life. We do spend much of our time in studios, away from others, making our art. Now we have that much more time to do this. But we still need our supportive community. This is where, in 2020, society is fortunate to have amazing technologies that allow us to share and engage easily. 

Imagine living during the time of The Black Death 1665 or The Spanish Flu 1918 - 1920 - no phones; no internet; no Facebook groups or WhatsApp chats. It would have been very a lonely time. 

We might feel the constant bombardment of information oppressive but, indeed, we are blessed that life can continue in isolation but with the benefit of being intimately connected.

Forward Planning

My plan going forward is to spend more time creating. I paint and draw because I need to; I feel whole when I have made something beautiful. For that time that I am engaged I forget about what is happening outside the Studio, my chattering mind that churns constantly is stilled. My mood lifts.  I plan to share what I have made so hopefully I will encourage others to be creative too.

Here is something to brighten your day and cheer you up. This painting would have been submitted to the Rotary Art Spectacular, but of course that has now been cancelled. 

Strelitzia Squared - Oil and cold wax on canvas 505 mm x 505 mm

And, of course, if you love this and would like it to brighten your life forever, please contact me - it is available.

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