Friday 7 June 2019

Sketching at Milk Cafe Ashgrove

I love sketching in Cafe’s. It’s a way of recording where I’ve been, and a great way to connect with people. A couple of years ago I did this sketch at Milk Bar Cafe, Ashgrove. 

Recently, the owner contacted me asking for permission to use the sketch as a mural in the cafe. Moreover, they were happy to reimburse me for the use of the sketch. So often today an artist’s work is appropriated without acknowledgement or payment so it is really gratifying to come across someone who does the right thing. 

I had to search to find the original sketch, (there is an intention to catalogue my sketchbooks but that is a distant intention) however, trawling through my Instagram page turned out to be the best solution. 

Here is my post:

The spread in my sketchbook with later additions - Ink and watercolour  in Handbook Sketchbook 


A view of the mural from the counter. It’s so satisfying to see a quick sketch given pride of place on the wall.  

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