Monday 3 July 2017

Switching mediums

I have always used different mediums. When I attended art school (way back when) oils were the medium of choice. I know I'm giving away my age, but Acrylics were relatively new then, and not very good. Watercolours were definitely not a good choice for making an impression on the lecturers. The medium was deemed not important enough for profound artistic statements. In spite of the focus on oils at Art school, subsequently I worked for many years in watercolour, loving the way the paint moved.

Personally, I prefer to stay with one medium for a while, delving deep, discovering, experimenting and developing a theme. Then, after some time with a medium, say watercolour, I crave the smell of oil paint; the texture of it; the feel of the brush on the canvas; the freedom to scrape away and paint over.

Ideas stemming from seeing the magnificent rock formations during last year's visit to the Tasman Peninsula are influencing my current obsession with surface. I am focusing on the way the paint lies on the canvas or panel; the topography that is created through layers; through incising lines into the semi-dry paint exposing earlier layers; by dragging painting over uneven areas building a history of marks.

WIP Detail - Untitled - as yet - Oil, Oil pastels, Charcoal and Cold Wax on panel

Then as a complete change of pace I have a couple of ink drawings on show at Aspire Gallery 53 Kennedy Terrace Paddington. The group show Black & White is opening this coming Saturday 8th July, 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm and will run until 22nd July 2017.

Cherries in a Teacup - ink on Zeta paper 230 mm x 230 mm

Porcelain with Tomatoes - ink on Zeta paper 230 mm x 230 mm

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