Thursday 7 July 2016

A visit to Kunanyi - Mt Wellington

A week goes by so quickly when you're on holiday. I'm at Hobart International Airport waiting for my flight back to Brisbane. I've had a wonderful time. If you follow me on Instagram or my Facebook page you will have seen some images from my trip. 

I've learnt when travelling that when an activity is weather dependant don't put if off if you have a good day don't waste it. My first day in Hobart dawned clear and sunny so I decided to change plans and go up Kunanyi / Mt Wellington first thing. 

It's quite a short drive up the mountain, with numerous places to stop to enjoy the views. A dramatic waterfall at the side of the road caught my attention. Time for a quick ink sketches and some photos.

The scenery from the summit is breathtaking - you can see for kilometres in every direction. 

It was very cold. Frost coated the rocks and damp moss made the pathways very slippery. 

Fortunately I'd come prepared with gloves, scarf and beanie. These plus a puffer jacket kept me relatively warm. 

As I drove back down to Hobart the clouds moved in and by the time I reached the bottom the mountain was shrouded in mist - it was an opportune visit. 

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