Wednesday 31 December 2014

Sketching as the year draws to a close

My time up the Sunshine Coast has been quite productive. Yesterday I was out by 6.00 am to try to beat the heat but it's just not possible!

This one, the view governed as always by any small patch of shade that I could find, is of an inlet below Point Perry. The sun was coming up casting strong shadows across the rocks. 
Minimal ink lines were used to establish the rocks and the rest watercolour with no further drawing. 

Rocks in sunlight Coolum Beach 
Canson Montval 300gsm watercolour paper, ink and watercolour

Then I moved along a little and found some shade (again the trusty Pandanus Palm) in the middle of the path. In these expeditions the Walkstool 45 has been invaluable, allowing me to sit and draw in relative comfort. The sketch was speeded up somewhat because the sun found my feet and started to burn - a feeling echoed perhaps in the colour of the rocks that became hotter and hotter. (The shadows were added later once the first layer had dried.)

Rocks in bright sunlight 
Ink and watercolour Zeta sketchbook

A more complete album of these holiday sketches are here on Flickr

Please note that all photographs in that album have been taken with my iPhone.

Happy New Year - I wish you all creative good things for 2015

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