Tuesday 6 March 2012

A new favourite place - french & mor

It’s always fun to discover a new place to have coffee, delicious pastries or a light lunch. If the new place is five minutes from home and an inspiring place to sketch it’s even better.

My new favourite is  french&morAs you can see from the sketches I've done over the last couple of months it's a wonderful place to relax, unwind and draw.

White lilies and delicious treats
Ink on paper - Sketchbook

Friends get together on 31st December 2011
Graphite on paper - Sketchbook

Lovely old table for High Teas
Ink on paper- Sketchbook

White lilies on my table today - and a delicious lunch of mushroom Quiche and salad.
Ink on paper- Sketchbook

 I painted these lilies a couple of years ago. It was inspired a huge vase of blooms in The Service Station, Melville, Johannesburg.

White Lilies – oil on canvas – 900mm x 610mm © 2009 Carol Lee Beckx

The light at lunchtime today was beautiful. I managed to take some photos that will  be the inspiration for a painting or two… White lilies: contre jour .  


  1. These are beautiful Carol. You obviously have a full understanding of oils--and pen and ink. The lilies are wonderful. I especially like the gate-like treatment on the right--a nice mix of botanical and mechanical drawing. Thank you for becoming a follower. Please bear with me as I stumble about getting reacquainted with oils. I'm in my third week, after thirty years of ignoring them.

    1. Thank you so much for visiting and for your kind words. I love working in oils - when I'm not drawing, that is!

  2. Hi Carol - I do enjoy reading your blog. Your theme for the sketch book really struck a cord with me - you will know why. Love your sketch of the table and chairs at French and mor - love Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah
      So glad you enjoy my blog - and thanks for commenting. I plan to do a painting from some of those sketches - just need a few more hours in my day!