Tuesday 31 May 2011

Drawing in Madame Tojo's Coffee Palace

In a side road off the main bustle of the Gold Coast there is this delightful haven. It’s a coffee shop with a difference. Indeed, it's a Coffee Palace. The comfortable armchairs are upholstered in a range of wonderful brocade fabrics. There’s an eclectic mix of collectibles: shop mannequins, ostrich feathers, leather suitcases from a bygone era and sumptuous red swagged curtains with red roses everywhere.

Chandeliers at Madame Tojo's Pen & ink in Moleskin sketchbook

Crystal Chandeliers provided a warm glow at the counter. Otherwise the lighting was subdued and restful. In another corner a tower of empty cigar boxes stretched to the ceiling and a bronze eagle swooped across the room. Alongside, an empty wooden birdcage provided a hook for the powder room key.

Tea at Madame Tojo's - Pen & ink in Moleskin Sketchbook
My tea was served in a delightful blue and white Chinese tea-set complete with a sprig of mint. Quotes painted on the table top provided reading matter. Ornate gilded mirrors reflected the crystal decanters that lined the window sills and multiplied the space crowded with so many interesting objects.

I was able sit for some time, undisturbed, drinking my tea and drawing.

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