Sunday 7 November 2010

The Artist and the Viewer

Creative activity on the part of the visual artist is only part of the equation. The response of the viewer to the painting is the other part – even if negative – and the equation becomes complete. A dialogue has begun.
Lone Surfer with Palm Trees -  oil on canvas 310mm x 310m

©2010 Carol Lee Beckx
The knowledge that the work is understood, appreciated and valued is a further step in the creative process. Work that remains hidden is the private preserve of the artist.
Often it’s hard to part with paintings that have a history for the artist, the first of a series, a painting that somehow has simply painted itself, the kind that you look at when it’s done and you think – did I paint that?

Durban beach - Low Tide - oil on canvas 310mm x 310mm
©2010 Carol Lee Beckx
Having an exhibition such as the present one at my home – “Out from under the bed and beyond” that is part farewell exhibition, part clearance sale, part garage sale, has been an opportunity to connect closely with collectors.
White Lil,ies - oil on canvas
©2010 Carol Lee Beckx
900mm x 610mm
When one delivers work to a gallery the connection with the painting is broken. The work is often sold without one knowing where it has gone. Sometimes you will be fortunate enough to meet the buyer, and sometimes they become regular collectors.
Seeing the paintings go to good homes as is the case with the three shown above, is immensely rewarding. You know that the work has been chosen because it has made a connection with the viewer, and you know it will give pleasure in the years ahead.


  1. Whoever gets any of these works will be fortunate. They are lovely images from your life - but also stand on their own.

  2. Beautiful paintings Carol... and fortunate new owners. Like children they stay in our hearts even after we let them go. Best wishes on your big move.