Friday 4 November 2016

Friends helping friends

It's a great feeling when friends show their support for you in tangible ways. Mary Di Marco is one of those. She's a very accomplished Real a estate agent who knows that people are at the heart of her business. However Mary's way of helping people is not confined to the process of selling houses. She's always looking out for other ways to promote others.

The compulsion to paint paintings often results in a glut, and unfortunately there are always more than you can display or hang in ones own home. Mary has alleviated this situation in a couple of ways recently.

The first occasion is a large modern home in her portfolio of properties for sale. This house needed a few more paintings to add a little colour. I was happy to oblige with some of mine that were available. 
Here's the link to the house so you can see where my paintings are displayed.

 Still - oil on canvas 1200mm x 915mm

Thanks to Mary's networking skills, the second place where I have some paintings on display is in the office of the State Member for Everton, Mr Tim Mander. Three of my paintings are now brightening up the walls of his office. I like to think of this as a public service to the community- making people happy and bringing them joy as they go about their day.
Deep Ripple -oil on canvas 615mm x 615mm

Bunya Riverside - oil on canvas 1015mm x 1015mm

Sinister Pool - oil on canvas - 3 x 910mm x 610mm 

Tim Mander MP and I with Bunya Riverside.

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