Friday 23 September 2016

By Design - creating the intentional page

When I plan a painting I am always very conscious of the composition. Design is at the forefront. In my sketchbooks I have tended to be more haphazard. I dive into the sketch often without much planning. That's changing rapidly. I signed up for Roz Stendhal's online course By Design - creating the intentional page. Any of you who have taken a class with Riz will know that she is a gifted teacher. The course covers everything you need to learn about designing and working with books.

Questions & Answers
If any of you have taken a course with Roz you will know that you will always get more than you anticipate. Her approach is so comprehensive. Her answers go beyond the superficial and force you to look further, explore all options making you think of every small detail.

I am learning so much from looking at other artist's posts; from their commentary about their intentions for the page; for the comments of other artists and of course comments and suggestions from Roz herself. 

When I visited Tasmania in July I began to keep a combination sketchbook/journal because I wanted to document my time in both words and sketches. I'm continuing this process now and I'm trying to put the course information into practice.

Sketchbook Pages

New Lavender in my garden - ink and watercolour in Canson Ebony sketchbook 16.5" x 6"

Lady Godiva - Ink and watercolour in The Perfect Sketchbook 14" x 10"

Remembering 9/11 -  Canson Ebony sketchbook 8" x 6"

The Gunshop Cafe`-  ink and watercolour in Canson Ebony sketchbook 16.5" x 6"

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