Monday 30 November 2015

Inertia in the Studio

Do other artists suffer from a state of inertia after an exhibition? After all the last minute work to complete paintings, inventories and photograph work when it’s all over it’s almost an anti-climax. Instead of being fired up and inspired I found that I was drifting around the studio. Perhaps it also because over the last couple of weeks  the studio has been busy with workshops; perhaps because Brisbane Summer has arrived early and with a vengeance; perhaps because the end of 2015 is rushing towards us at breakneck speed and we'd like to put the brakes on and slow down just a little.

But last week I had an injection of enthusiasm, well a couple of injections to be honest. Firstly, I received a couple of commissions which is a lovely way to end the year. I’ll tell you more about these paintings later when they are completed. 

The second is that I've been doing a couple of Sktchy portraits again. I'll share one with you now.  I'm happy to say the drawing it was chosen as a Sktchy 'Pick'. The weekend theme was #WAXforeshorten. When I saw this image it made me think of my mother and her hands so I was quite emotionally vested in the subject.
I intended to add watercolour to the graphite but in the end I decided to leave the drawing as you see it.

Grandma's Hands - Graphite on Fabriano Grana Satinata

And here's the Sktchy screenshot:

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