Monday 20 January 2014

Taking time to think about painting

I took some photographs in the park across the road from me before leaving for my overseas holiday. I did some drawings and started a painting - just some colour on the canvas and then a quick drawing with charcoal and carbon block. This wasn’t the usual “preparation for a painting” but rather drawing for its own sake. On impulse I added some silver foil in a few areas.
Then I left for my holiday.

While I was away, this painting was on my mind. I could see the painting. I thought about the colours I would use and how I would approach the work.

Five weeks later, give or take a few days jet lag….and I was back to painting. I think I really surprised myself because a week or so later the painting was done.

Here’s a preview, a detail from the painting. I’ll post the complete painting together with some progress photos in another post.
Detail: Glimmering Fragments of the Mist - oil & charcoal on canvas ©2014 Carol Lee Beckx

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