Wednesday 10 April 2013

New Look Website

My new website is now live. The look is clean and fresh. The motivation for change was necessary as my old site was running on out-dated software and was becoming unstable. Many of the images are from the original website but new ones have also been added. 

A screenshot of the front page - Carol Lee

A major advantage is that the new site uses a theme designed by an artist specially for artists.  Kim Bruce  from ArtBiz WordPress Websites, has designed a number of themes that one can choose from, all designed to showcase artists’ images, while being user friendly. Another plus is that you can join the ArtBiz School where tutorials teach you step by step, especially important if you are not a techno-geek!

Noise Hosting, did the complicated (for me) work of transferring the data from the old to the new - and were so patient with my requests, changing and adding various items until the final result was achieved. I recommend them highly.

A screenshot of the Landscape Page 

Many of the images are from the original website but new ones have also been added. 
Adding images and sorting the viewing order is so much easier, making working on the site a pleasure rather than something to be avoided, which I did in the past. 

There is now a dedicated page for "Abstracts" as this is a genre I have been drawn to lately. Another new page is “Commissions”. The local community has given me such wonderful support in the two years I have been in Australia, I wanted place where these could be shown.

There is a direct link to this blog on the bottom banner. I have also added a page for "News" that will have posts now and again about Exhibitions and Workshops.

Please let me know what you think of the new look, I’d love to know.