Monday 4 June 2012

Exhibition News

The  Redcliffe Art Society holds an annual exhibition in the Redcliffe Art Gallery. It is a selected Members’ exhibition, with each member submitting two paintings. Both my paintings, one in the Still life category and another an Abstract were selected.

The official opening was on Friday evening. The day was miserable - cold and wet - and the thought of a slow trip in the Friday evening traffic was not appealing. However, I’m so glad I went. The work was of a high standard. Entries were hung in specific categories - landscape; still life & interiors; portraits and abstract among categories.

 Bark II - oil on canvas - 610mm x 915mm Carol Lee Beckx © 2012

 It was an honour to receive both Commended for Still Life with citrus and First Prize for Bark II - a reward for venturing out on a cold rainy evening. The gift voucher for art materials from  ArtHouse Northside in Deagan is most welcome.

Bark II is another painting in the series done with trees as the kick-off point.  An ink drawing of a strangler fig was the inspiration. 

The painting started off in a conventional way - with the tree standing upright as all good trees should - then the blue on either side seemed superfluous and out it went.

 Once the sky was banished I was free to rotate the image 180 degrees…


  1. Congratulations - that is good news!

  2. Congratulations Carol, you must be pleased :)

  3. Good news indeed - thanks Helen and Tania.