Memory Blocks

Memory Wall 40  x 8" x 8"  Oil on canvas Carol Lee Beckx

A recent commission consisted of 40 canvases each measuring 8" x 8". The installation size was 1.85m by 1.15m.  Each small painting had a different image, family memorabilia, favourite images and abstract elements. There is part of a wedding dress and veil, family silver and a Grandmother's paragon China teacup.

 A Memory Wall can include your own special things; treasured family snapshots; holiday pics; favourite flowers or plants; words from a poem or song; - the list is endless. Actual photos can also be collaged into the painting, or a replica of the photo can be painted instead, preserving the original.

 As the Memory Wall can start to develop from as few as four blocks, they are the ideal gift to be added over time for birthdays; to welcome a new baby, for special occasions or as Christmas gifts.

Pricing Structure
Single Block  8" x 8" oil on canvas                                $60 (See my Etsy shop)
Four Blocks bought in a single purchase                $50 each
Six Blocks or more                                                      $40 each
Prices do not include shipping, please contact me for a quote. 

Please contact me for extra large installations as the price would be adjusted depending in the complexity of the design.

This Shell series could be the basis for a holiday home.

Shell Series: each 8" x 8" oil on canvas 

This pastel series below: Smile; Friends and Silence would be beautiful in a Teen's bedroom.

These paintings of Proteas could be used as part of a flower lovers wall.

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