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The Studio is now online

Classes in the Hamilton Road Studio are now online. The attendees connect through Zoom for class content while working at home. 

Hamilton Road Studio Zoom classes

The core of my teaching  approach is to foster each artist’s individual creativity, so the emphasis is on personal creative projects. In the Studio in Hamilton Road each artist would be busy with their own work, made possible by the small enrolled number. This may take the form of a series of drawings, a painting in watercolour, oils, or acrylics.

Since moving online using Zoom, the classes follow the following format:

Artists login and we spend some time catching up with our week. If artists have progressed on a painting during the week they take a photograph and send it to me. This can then be viewed on a shared screen and suggestions and ideas discussed using Procreate, a digital painting programme for the iPad.

Themed tutorials

Each week I prepare some form of discussion slide presentation. These cover a wide range of topics such as composition and design; drawing in ink; collage; abstract painting; mixed media.

Often a new project will follow on inspiration and ideas from the presentation.

As the lesson progresses each artist shares their work in progress and are able to give each other support and encouragement.

Practical demonstrations

I can share an additional webcam so I can demonstrate techniques and offer suggestions for mixing colours etc.

Each artist still works on their onward projects while receiving individual guidance. We are indeed fortunate that we are able to maintain the strong sense of community that has developed in the Studio. Moreover, artists are perhaps best suited to being isolated. 

Weekly classes

Wednesday  6.00 pm -    8.30 pm 
Thursday      9.00 am -  12.00 pm 
Friday           9.00 am -  12.00 pm 
Saturday       8.30 am -  11.30 am

Please contact me for more details.
  • During each class there will be some demonstration of technique as well as individually mentored tuition.
  • Students should preferably be prepared to enroll for a month at a time.
  • Fees are $36.00 per class, invoiced monthly in advance. Payment by bank transfer
Discover your creativity…

Learn to draw anything with confidence using a wide range of materials:

  • Draw using  pencil, pen, charcoal, water soluble pencils, chalks and pastels.
  • Discover the magic of watercolour – experiment with translucent glazes and rich pigmented colours.
  • Painting with acrylics and oils will give you the opportunity to discover your inner artist.
  • Experiment with mixed media and mono-printing.
  • It doesn't matter if you are an absolute beginner or are more advanced - you will enjoy this time to develop your creativity.

Term Dates 2020
Term 1 Wednesday 29th January to Saturday 4th April 
Term 2 Wednesday 22nd April to Saturday 27th June
Term 3 Wednesday 15th July to Saturday 19th September
Term 4 Wednesday 7th October to Saturday 12th December

Student Reviews

An email from a student who was not keen on going virtual...

    Count me in Carol. Same time, same place.
    I commend you on the effort you have put in. I was so surprised how you managed to make     the class enjoyable and productive. You should feel very proud of yourself.
    The accountability is good for me, and the rewards from producing my art 
.    ....... words cannot express.

This lovely email came from an artist...

    Good morning Carol,

    Just wanted to pop you an email to tell you about my experiences at your studio.

    When I started art classes at your Studio 5 years ago I hoped that your classes would             reignite my interest in painting.  I had dabbled with painting in high school and a few                 classes when my children were young but had not pursued it any further than that.  I have     learnt so much from you….. I love that each student in your class is encouraged to pursue         their own ‘style’.  

    I love that we, as a group, encourage and learn from each other. I enjoy the little talks or         mini lectures you give on a different style or artist and how your classes are not just about         the actual painting but also about the ‘love of art’. So good for the soul. 

    When I started 5 years ago I had hoped to achieve certain things.  I have done this and             more.  I thank you for sharing your knowledge with me ....

    One of the artists wrote this in an email to me after a painting was accepted for the Rotary         Art Spectacular Exhibition:

    "Hi Carol
    I’m so excited just to have my art accepted .
    Your mentorship over the years has been invaluable Thanks Carol and looking forward to         my projects for next term."
    And one more recent email:

    I would like to also thank you for making the art classes so interesting and giving us,                 especially me, the confidence to have a go.   I feel like I am finally getting into the hang of         this painting thing and actually liking what I am doing.  

    I did of bit more work on the sand grasses and actually forwarded a copy to family and             friends, instead of just hiding it away.   Big step for me.   Thank you.


More about Carol Lee Beckx (this link will take you to my website "Biography" page)

Carol matriculated from Epworth School, Pietermartizburg in 1967 with a distinction in Art and then completed a 4-year Teachers’ Diploma in Art (Painting) at the Natal Technikon (Durban).
She taught art at Germiston High School and held private art classes in her studio.
Membership of the Watercolour Society of SA from 1982 gave Carol the opportunity to exhibit in their group shows; and give regular workshops and demonstrations. 

Carol moved to Brisbane, Australia in December 2010 and teaches in her Hamilton Road Studio.

Website:Carol Lee Beckx

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